While you were being a good mom 7/29/2011

I haven’t written anything new for a couple of weeks because, honestly, I don’t want to fake it to make it. I see bloggers who share everyday, but this spreads the content very thin. I am still trying to decide how often I can expect anyone besides my own family to want to hear what I have to say. In the meantime, I will try to be regular with the Friday link-sharing feature. Here is what you missed this week while you were cleaning up biohazards and keeping really cute people from harming themselves or others.

What a Good Mom

There are no Words –  If you are a word geek like me, this is fun. this is a list of words from other languages that have no English equivalent. You will wonder why some of them are necessary and how we manage without the others.

Breast Ironing – Yes, I did a double-take on that one too. Just when you thought you have heard everystrange practice of women around the world, here is another. This story also shows us the strong women of the area who are trying to stop it.

The Apostle Paul getting worse and worse – Paul is my go-to guy when I am feeling sorry for myself or even proud of myself.  He tells us to imitate him in his walk with Christ. That sounds like some serious swagger for an apostle.  This article will show you how humility was a developing characteristic for him and a great goal for us.

This is just for fun – Stick with this video and you will either see something you are all too familiar with, or you will learn about some pop-culture that will catch you up to speed….or catch you up to about 2005 anyway. That’s about the standard time warp for busy moms.