While you were being a Good Mom…..

 In order to succeed at blogging, you must start out pretending you have lots and lots of readers. My first attempt to keep up this illusion will be a new feature. (Blogs with lots of readers have features) This one is going to be a link-sharing feature that helps moms like me have one place where they can plop down for a minute and see some of the cool things from the internet. If you are still in the stage of child rearing that is all about keeping people alive, you don’t have time to mosey around the net like I do. Stop by on Fridays for shortcuts to some of what I saw while you were being a good mom.

Taylor Mali slam poet  – Now don’t go thinking that I even understand all of what slam poetry is. I am a very white girl with absolutely no street cred but this man happens to be white as well and he is considered one of the best. He addresses a pet peeve of mine while inspiring his audience to speak with authority. The first thing people noticed about Jesus when he spoke publicly for the first time was that he spoke with authority. It is not to be feared but imitated.

A new trend in plastic surgery – This article is for women only. Women are having all their body parts redone to look like magazines….all their parts. I share this because of the revealing comments the women share. Women are supposed to have been freed from oppression to become whatever they want to be. It is heartbreaking to read what many, many women have decided that should be.

Can I get an “Amen” ? – Jenna Fisher, who plays Pam Beasley on The Office, reaches a much larger audience than I ever could with an important message for “the nation” regarding a pregnant woman and her needs.

Glorious Day – The Casting Crown’s song  “One Day” is  a lovely song. Really, it is.  But…someone has messed with it and this is how it really goes. It should be played the way it was originally written and played by a lovely old lady. Oh, and there should be a few fumbles at the keys because she is keeping it real. I can’t explain how happy this makes me.


12 things I would love for other adults to stop doing

someone just asked her #11

So far, I have tried to avoid blogging lists or gripes or pet peeves. I have a reputation for being less than patient with small things, like Wal-Mart carts with bad wheels or people doused in perfume. These are pet peeves, but they only make me look petty and they are not related to the Raising His Child message. So, here are a few of the things I would love for others to stop doing that do relate to my child-rearing opinions. See if any of these are on your list. Continue reading