31 Thoughts I had Watching Fuller House

fuller house I watched the first the four episodes of Fuller House and I had a lot of thoughts. Since I was watching alone, I am using my blog to share them all.

  1.  Still not a fan of laugh tracks.
  2. Steve is old.
  3. Same couch? Ew.
  4. How did they know the Trump jokes would be so timely?
  5. So glad that accent of Stephanie’s went away.And Stephanie’s a DJ? Oh…I get it.
  6. The kids are less annoying than Disney show kids.
  7. Becky aged as well as Jesse.
  8. Tiniest playpen ever.
  9. Wasn’t Niki and Alex’s room on the other side and much bigger?
  10. Joey is still not funny.
  11. The pause after they call out Michelle is perfectly satisfying.
  12. That house is worth $3.4 million and Danny just hands it over.
  13. Trying to forget how crass Bob Saget is in real life.
  14. Becky and Jesse have wanted to kiss again for a long time.
  15. Reservations…hahaha….good one.
  16. Brightest dance club ever.
  17. Macy Gray is not an actress.
  18.  The Chmermoskiy brothers are value added.
  19. The dance competition scene is best friend goals.
  20. No one could’ve predicted a Jodi Sweeten/Macy Gray duet.
  21. I can already hear Christian women everywhere judging every decision Candace/DJ makes on this show.
  22. Keepin’ it real with the devices in the kids’ hands.
  23. Candace has more star power than I ever gave her credit for.
  24.  Required sitcom volcano project already taken care of.
  25. Oooh, workplace romance for Deej.
  26. But Steve!
  27. Kimmy’s crazy clothes are better than ever.
  28. Heart worm jokes are rare enough.
  29. Oh my lanta! Finally
  30. Kimmy can’t cry!
  31. I must save some episodes for later. Must….stop….now.