While you were being a good mom 10/7/2011

perfect for Fall

It’s the most wonderful time of the year is not Christmas. Fall is better because we live in the sweet spot when the air is off and the heat is not on yet. Natural coolness is taking over and the slight chill is still in the enjoyable range. The catch is, if you don’t deliberately enjoy it, you will look up and the world will suddenly be gray and frozen. It time to get out a sweater, light a fire or get some apples. So check out the links then go outside and soak up some autumn. Here’s what I found while you were getting out your winter clothes.

Fanifesto– rules written by Alton Brown from the Food Network. They also work for that time you get to meet someone you are a fan of. It amazes me that he has to even mention some of these things.

I love Alton Brown

Teaching your kids to deal with stress – I found some new tips in this slide show for helping your child when they are having a meltdown.

a stache can even ruin Brad

The wrong mustache means you must dash – I have always said you can tell a lot about a man from his facial hair or lack thereof. someone made a chart to help break down the level of crazy you might be dealing with.

The Sock Bun  and the Sock Bun Curls – Can a hair tip from youtube change your life? That may be an overstatement, but I love this one. Take the time to watch both these videos, fast-forward when you can, and watch for the beautiful curls she gets in the end. I have done this myself and it really works. If I can do it, anyone can. You may not ever need a curling iron again.

maybe even better than these curls

While you were being a good mom 9/30/2011

next stop....peak fall color

Typing the date for the last day of September is startling. People often say that this month or that month flew by but mine really did. I have been laid up with a flu-like illness for the past week. I’m looking forward to being a productive human again. Keeping my Friday link schedule is a good first step. Here’s what I found while you were working circles around me.

If you like over-thinking it –  These people literally have too much time on their hands, or with their hands….The science of rock, paper, scissors.

If you know/love an introvert – The chart really helped me to better understand my resident introvert. It is a rare peek behind the scenes.

A real story about marrying young – I wasn’t sure where this article was going, but I really enjoyed the story of young love told in a real way by a real person.

The changing standards of beauty –   Here is a well-done video, morphing the different faces that the art world has idealized through the years.

While you were being a good mom 9/23/2011

bring it!

Here where I live,  it has rained all week. I am old enough to know we needed it but still young enough to whine about it. I have a headache and a straight-up case of the blahs. In one week, the powers-that-be have rearranged Facebook, Pinterest, and Pandora. Is it a coincidence that R.E.M. disbanded this week, because it is the end of the world as we knew it? The good news is, the sun is coming out today. Maybe we can end the day with shiny happy people holding hands. Here are the links I found while you were trying to figure out your new Facebook.

There's a whole movie about how he doesn't care what we think.

Help with the new Facebook – This article walks us through the changes and has a lot of other links to look through. By the time we come to terms with these changes, they will change it again.

High School writers – Writers at this age can be the best because they are so great at winging it. Chances are they just don’t care and this makes them free to tell it like it is. These are some great analogies collected by high school English teachers.

Pinterest – I have been annoying everyone with my love for Pinterest.com. It is a bulletin board for collecting all your favorites from the internet. One place for every recipe, craft idea, blogs you read, anything! Here’s a peek at mine.

Wrong Worship – This youtube video cracked me up. I have real issues with the singing portion of my worship time at church. I find it hard to shut out all the distractions and the critiques of how it is being done. If I try to be aware of the words I am singing, sometimes I am honestly not feeling it. This worship team is being brutally honest…and funny. Hold out to the end for my favorite line.

While you were being a good mom 9/16/2011

This week was really busy for this usually lazy mom. I learned a new term this week that I hope to practice next week: multi-slacking! The most important event this week that we all shared was remembering 9/11. I have a couple of related links and some to cheer you up afterwords. Here’s what I found while you were remembering and honoring.

Near misses on 9/11 –  As a Christian, I don’t really believe in near misses. It is interesting to see how people have lived out the feelings that escaping death brings and how their beliefs filter the way they see what happened. The article is uplifting after a week of reliving the sadness.

One biological father, 150 children – Speaking of (writing of?) the messed up world we live in, this article tells of a very modern problem that has serious implications. Children of sperm donors are finding out they have many half-siblings, a lot of half-siblings. Could the guy she feels so drawn to at college be her soul-mate or maybe her half-brother?

Celebrity heroes – This slide show is a brief retelling of many stars who have saved people from harm or even death. I was amazed by how long the list is and that a few of them have rescued people more than once. The cynic in me was very skeptical, but these are documented cases of bravery among some unlikely celebrities and some that are so likely to save you, it is almost too good to be true.

Sara Groves’ sense of humor –  I admire Sara Groves for her deeply spiritual words of encouragement and faith. I am a huge fan. I also love when she just shares some of the truth of her life that makes me laugh. The person who posted this video did a great job.

While you were being a good mom 9/9/2011

I need one of these

This week my youngest turned seven and my 3rd child finished up Driver’s Ed. When you have  six kids, the milestones go flying past. Teeth are falling out and people are learning to read. My 2nd daughter is getting real grades – good ones – at college. I say “real” because they are the first ones ever that are not from her mom. I’m still planning a wedding and thinking about starting to plan to lose weight for this event. Daughter number 4 just became a member of the youth group. I’m gathering with friends to learn about being an heiress with Beth Moore. My hands are full, but they are full of what I love. All this and I still found some time to hook you up with some good links this week. Here’s what I found while you were wondering if it was too soon to wear your cute boots. (the answer is no by the way)

What teachers want to tell you – A friend of mine who teaches 3rd grade shared this on Facebook and I stole it. Keep an open mind and check yourself. Do your kids give problems? Are you open to the truth when teachers give it? This is not just a problem at school but amongst friends or in Sunday School classes.

LarkNews.com Sara Groves shared a link to this site through her Twitter account. Please note that it is satire about small groups, mission bracelets, interpretive dance and more. They are not serious. They are kidding. Ok, now that I have made that clear, have some fun reading some truths about Christians that are so funny they hurt. Or they hurt so much it’s funny? You get the idea.

I found this while searching for "small group images"

Giving your kids the gospel message everyday – This is a blog post from a Pastor. He talks about what our kids learn when you do not live honestly in front of them, warts and all. When we are never wrong, they never see Grace in action in our lives. That would be a waste of God’s most awesome gift.

Penn Jillette – yes, as in Penn and Teller –  Penn Jillette is a hardened Atheist, no doubt about it. I know it is hard to watch this odd camera angle but the words he says will haunt you. He tells about someone giving him a Bible and the impact it had on him. Watch him soften with emotion before your eyes. I think of this often and it reminds me about the need for light and salt in this dark, tasteless world.

While you were being a good mom 9/2/2011

Ok, my friends. I have been sharing links and I can tell by the number of viewers that you are too busy or too uninterested to actually click on them. That’s cool. I understand. But this week, give them a try. I know you are probably overloaded with links and Facebook video shares, but I have some good stuff today. Here’s what I found while you were trying to do homework and housework.

the spooky power of mentos

If you only pick one link – This app on the Mentos Facebook page made me laugh and creeped me out a little. Maybe I am just out of the loop on apps and what they can do. I really didn’t want to link my Facebook to this app, but it was well worth going through the steps to see what Mentos was capable of doing with my information. You can always remove the app later. It was a fun toy to play with. The videos you see on the page are the apps that you customize for you or your friends.

Feminism is about choices, right? – This article exposes the double-talk of some feminists who claim to want freedom and choices for women. Read this and shake your head with me over comments like this one: “I think highly educated women have a moral obligation to take top positions, to set an example by their choices.” Suddenly they are fine with imposing their morals on other women. Hmmm….

Too cool for school – Here’s a list of six things you aren’t allowed to do in school that are actually beneficial for learning. This is great information if you homeschool or if you are battling with your kids about how they do their homework. You can’t change the rules at school, but you can rethink what you do at home.

More deep truth from Tim Hawkins – this is new from Tim. This bit shot right to the top of my favorites from him.

While you were being a good mom 8/26/2011

I have really enjoyed collecting links to share with everyone. Here’s a fresh batch I gathered up this week while you were wondering what that shaking was and getting back in the swing of things.

Earthquake humor – Did you feel it? I didn’t. I am sad that I missed it and happy to be able to joke about it. These are some funny tweets that went out after the earthquake.

Parental Guidance –  I think I was born a mom. While my friends were singing along to Grease, I was watching and thinking how wrong the whole ending was. I believe in the beauty of having a shared pop culture with your kids and watching classic movies can be a big part of that. Just be sure to do your job and point out some of the seriously flawed messages found in all the fun. Be sure to click on page two to see all the bad movie messages, some of which never occurred to me.

Half Aborted – This article is from Slate. If you are not familiar with Slate, it is the blog for the Washington Post. The folks at Slate are usually so openly liberal that I can barely stand to read their headlines. In an effort to stay informed from all sources, I read Slate from to time. This article shocked me with its candid coverage of the hypocrisy that surfaces when the topic of elective reduction abortions is discussed, even among staunchly pro-choice advocates. As the writer says, “It exposes the equality between the offspring we raise and the offspring we abort.”

Alexa Meade – In this age of instant press for any new idea, seeing something truly new is getting very rare. This artwork was entirely new to me and  I love that it was created with the same tools that were always available. All that was needed was the creativity  and skill to change things up in a big way.