Changing Churches

I have been in church since I was one week old. Every Sunday of my life has been about going to church or not going to church. After twenty-five years of attending one church, my family is changing churches. Just typing it is hard, but I wanted to share this change with as many friends as possible, all at once.

I dread talking about it to anyone because church choice is so personal. Churches are family. The church we are leaving is where we got married, dedicated all our babies, and watched them do Christmas programs and VBS songs. We forged friendships that enriched who we are as people. That church poured out amazing love on us when we had a serious house fire. The pastor there listened with love as I unpacked my issues in a heap at his feet and he helped me face them. He was quick to offer resources when we were out of our depth with problems our family had to take on more recently. For all this, all the teaching, the talks, the meals, we will forever be grateful to that church.

We are blessed to be leaving with no falling-out, no church split, no ugly drama that so many people have to deal with in their churches. I would still recommend our former church to anyone looking for all they have to offer. But, and you knew there had to be a “but”, that church has grown and changed into something different than what it was. Not something worse, but different. We have grown and changed from what we were. It no longer fits us as well as the new church we are attending. I hesitate to say that God led us to move on because it sounds like a  vague cop out. Honestly, that is exactly what happened. I went from not being able to think of leaving to being ready to leave in a matter of days. Only God can do that. It was not about anything negative forcing us out, but God was drawing us away to the next phase of our life.

The church we are going to now is a plant from the one we are leaving, so I like to think we are just branching out from the same family. The friends from church that I’ve talked to have been very supportive. This post is for the ones I won’t get to talk to directly. I’m so thankful for Facebook. It will allow me to see you, watch your kids grow up, and stay in touch with the very special people I treasure there. God has used you to grow me and my family. Thank you so much.