Two Years of Blogging

birthday-candle-2-thumb63639961Today is the second anniversary of starting my blog. I still don’t know what the point of it all is except that people still do searches looking for help and ideas and they read what I have learned. The blog has over 14,000 views now. That’s pretty cool, right?

People find me mostly through Google searches. As I have shared before, this can get pretty weird. There’s still an undercurrent of jealousy toward Ann Voskamp that leads to this blog. There are a lot of parents reluctant to send their kids to sleepovers that can read this post. And then there’s one Google search that should make us all reluctant to send our kids to sleepovers. Everyone, seriously look into what your kids are searching. There are several searches that cause me to send up a prayer. I will type it out exactly as it is on my search information on my analytics: how to get dirty at an all girls sleepover 5th grade. I wish I was kidding and I hope they ended up doing something like this. 

Anyway, if you have been reading, I appreciate it so much. I am compelled to write by a drive I don’t fully understand. Thanks for participating while I figure it all out.