Our “Most Pressing Decorating Dilemma” ?

coffee tableIn addition to themed baths and elaborate birthday parties, we have important household responsibilities. Has your coffee table been sitting around un-styled? Come on you slacker. Get it together. You can squeeze in some coffee table styling if you would just organize your time better. Thankfully, we have this article to help us with this priority. Don’t just sit there! Go!


Themed Baths? No.


Themed Baths ? No.

Giving your child a bath is right up there with reading them a story or fixing them a meal. It is wholesome and good and loving. You can talk or play. You can nurture and bond. You are not required in the least to give your child’s bath a theme! Get them clean without getting soap in their eyes and you are mom of the year. Bonus points for having a clean towel on hand. Did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends one bath every four days for your child? Four days! Themes were not ever mentioned by the AAP. File this under No.

The Coalition of No

Saying-NoToday I’m restarting my blog with a new focus and a new mission. A coalition. This new site will be a place for parents who are ready to say, “enough is enough” to any number of pressures coming against their ability to parent their children. We are increasingly living in a Pinterest-project, Facebook-posting world with an audience of critics. I want to provide an on-line safe haven for those who want to opt out of all the madness and just raise their kids. I’m certainly not  anti-Facebook or anti- Pinterest ( I have over 3,000 pins) but too much of it is plain ridiculous.

The power of “Yes” is a big topic these days, saying Yes to life and being positive and all that. I am a positive,optimistic person and I will say Yes to opportunities and I will try new things on a whim, like this blog for instance. But, I believe strongly in the positive side of No. No is freedom. No is hope. No is the guardrail that keeps you from the ravine. No is the Old Testament that leads to the need for the New. No is life. To say Yes to something means you say No to something else.

I want to bring back the power and beauty of No to parenting. We don’t have to say Yes because the other parents do. Especially if we all start saying No. The kids are starting to rule because parents can’t or won’t say No. Let’s join together to turn the tide. We won’t dominate, hover or helicopter. We won’t break spirits or do any of the damage done to us that makes us so afraid of No.

We can bring an end to hearing that so-and-so’s mom lets them do this or that. We can stop giving elaborate, expensive birthday parties.We can stop giving out goody bags to children who are privileged enough to attend the parties we give.  We can resist the call to pack lunches in the shape of cartoon characters or arrange a snack plate to form a caterpillar.  There are so many things we can opt out of if we simply take the time to dial it all down a few notches. Let’s get to it. caterpillar