WordPressing On

You may have noticed, I hope some readers have noticed, that I have not posted for a very long time. I wrote about taking a hiatus for my daughter’s wedding, but that wedding ended beautifully over two months ago. The truth is, I lost my motivation to write. I had the post-wedding blues and a few transitions to go through. All that felt too personal to write about in a public forum.

I had other issues with writing too. I really asked myself what right I have to voice my opinions and lessons so publicly. I never feel like I have it all together, but lately I have felt even less worthy of helping anyone do  any part of life.

I check my blog stats everyday. Even without new posts, at least one person reads something I wrote every day. That is pretty significant, if you think about it. But more inspiring than that thought is this, people search things on Google that lead to what I have said. Strangely enough, this blog is Google’s answer to some pretty interesting searches. I get to see what people type in the search bar and it is compelling stuff. It is the very stuff that has made me want to start blogging again. It’s  an insider view to anonymous people and what is on their minds. Wanna see?

The most popular search that leads to my blog is “texting while driving”. This alone is motivating. If my pleading rant about people who put us all in danger for texting can help stop one person, then I’m all for ranting publicly. Over 200 people have linked to this post. That is quite a reach for someone who only leaves the house to go church and Walmart most of the time.

The second most searched phrase is “bible verses about love”. It is heartwarming to think of being a link for such a search. Even if I was just a link to the writer of a blog on the subject.

Number three is “skinny vs. normal”. Interesting to speculate on what might drive a person to type that in a search bar. If I helped a teen girl feel comfortable being “normal” than I’m thrilled for the opportunity. I don’t know if people even read what I write after they link to the blog, but the possibility is inspiring.

The one search that catches my attention most often is “talk to santa in real life” or “how to get an elf on the shelf from santa. These searches presumably come from children. You might want to ask your children if they are trying to do searches like this.

You lied about Santa!

I hope searches like this don’t lead to scary “Santas” out in cyberspace, or result in children learning more than their parents are ready for. One related search said, “do shelf elf from santa talk”. Another said, “see santas elves and let them see me”. Scary to think of children searching the internet like this or living their lives wondering about this. Maybe I should write a post about this.

Sadly, several searches make me wonder if moms still talk to their daughters about puberty. These searches are worded like little girls desperate for answers to what is going on with their bodies. Glad I could help, but I’m sad that my one brief post was offered as an answer to these girls’ questions. Yikes, I hope it was girls!

On the disturbing side, I have seen searches for “tie up kids for punishment”. This is a phrase that does not occur in my posts, but it linked to me anyway. “Mom don’t know everything”…’nuff said. “Don’t wanna raise his kid”…sigh. “Does discipline help wife be sweet again?” Lord, I can only pray the searcher meant he would become more disciplined? Conversely, there is one that says, “how to punish my husband for his mistake”. Then there is just the puzzling ones like, “child washes face by soup” or “baby with street cred”. A startling amount of people look up ‘coolest people in the world”. It’s makes me smile to think this search leads to a post about my nieces and nephews.

Aside from all this, I love knowing I was able to let random searchers know they are not alone. This is something anyone can help with by just being honest. Like the person who honestly typed “jealous of ann voskamp.” or the one who confessed, “i cried at the hairdresser”. I commiserated with women who have a “child who coughs every night” and with the many who typed “bullied” or some form of the word. I was able to spread my obsession with protein to dozens of people who searched about protein amounts for children. I shared my encouragement to many people who were looking for answers about birth control and family size. It is validating for me to know these searchers think about what I write about.  I hope it was validating for them to find at least one person who had something to say about what was on their minds.

Then, there are the Unknown Search Terms. This is actually the biggest pool of searches. This is a group of 263 searches that led to my blog that were protected by privacy settings. I’m choosing to believe that these were not in the creepy category or even the puzzling one. I’m hoping these are 263 people who found a friend online, even for a minute, because of my compulsion to share my thoughts in a public forum. This idea has reawakened my desire to blah, blah, blog again. Not to tell others what to do, or what I know, but to make a connection with people.

Now that I have discovered what drives me, please follow along and contribute freely to the process. I would love to see lots and lots of comments to make even more connections with even more people.

I want to thank my oldest sister for her sweet text inspiring me to keep writing. Her opinion means so much to me and I was encouraged so much by her words. Thanks Karen!