The Clichés Continue

My post from Monday resonated with some of my friends so I thought I would continue the idea. I wanted to edge more toward hope and spring, perhaps the most used cliché of all. I was helped this week by a song from my favorite lady, Sara Groves. She usually has a song to help me through a hard time or put words to a happy time. I want to share this song with you all on this rainy, gray day.

Here’s a picture of me and some friends with Sara Groves when we blocked her path on her way to the bathroom after a concert. If it wasn’t such a bad picture of me, it would be my profile picture forever. I’m clearly trying to get a grip on my emotions so I won’t scare her.

look at me trying to get a hold of myself

Sharing this song doesn’t mean that I am without hope and desperately waiting for some. I want to celebrate the beauty of hope, truly one of God’s great gifts. “Now these three things remain: faith, hope, and love.” Hope remains. Amazing.

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