Weak and Skinny

I was clicking through pictures on Pinterest recently when I came across a picture with this caption: Seeing the model on the left’s emaciated form next to the curves and softness of the model to the right, I pause to wonder: WHO decided that lovely, normal, beautiful girls aren’t sexy? Who DECIDED that boys and men should pant for the incredibly small percentage of women whose bodies are like the model on the left? Were they trying to make us weaker? Women were demanding rights, so someone decided to influence society – “Let’s make them weak, body-obsessed, hungry, and decimate their natural self-esteem!” I can’t think of any other reason anyone would want to have the model on the left’s body.

I have always been aware that the drive to be skinny is not a healthy one. Everyone knows this. I had never given any thought to where this thinking came from however. I knew it was a fairly recent change, but I had never thought about why. The idea that the demands on us to be skinny was somehow tied to our power as women fascinates me.

I’m not suggesting that a secret society of men sat around a long table scheming up a plan to starve us. Ultimately, it is Satan who distracts us with ideals that are anti-God, anti-life, and that interfere with our ability to serve God and live an abundant life. If women are obsessed with how they look, so much the better for the dark side, right? It is even better if this same woman is weak with hunger and crippled with self-doubt. How much time have we spent this way, side-tracked from our purpose and power?

I’m not what you would call a feminist, not in the traditional sense of the word. I am pro-feminine; I stand for protecting what it means to be a woman. I don’t believe skinny and weak should have any part of that. Have you ever heard a man say he wants to be more skinny? Even when they battle their weight, skinny is not the goal of heavy men. They wans to be fit and strong. This is the what we should want also.

It looks like I was eaten by a giant dress.

I have been skinny. I was 97 pounds when I got married. I stayed under 120 for years.The problem was, I couldn’t climb stairs or carry a laundry basket without getting winded. Skinny was not good for me. I ate whatever I wanted but I didn’t use my fuel to be strong. I was a sleep-deprived, anemic young woman and I wouldn’t go back there.

Tina Louise 1964

Twiggy 1965

If you doubt the connection between the birth of the skinny ideal and the rise of feminism, just look at the pictures I found of “great bodies” before 1965 and the ones after. Twiggy is famous for kicking off the androgynous, stick-figure craze. That would date back to 1965 – a sudden shift that does have a calculated and manipulative feel .Look at the pictures (below) of the girls they consider “plus-sized” today versus the sexy starlets of the sixties or even the eighties.

Look at the hips on her!

We have to get our minds around this problem before we pass junk down to our daughters. I have an 11-year-old that think she is fat because her legs jiggle when she walks! When you rant to your girls about double standards and unfair practices, be sure to include the body image rant against skinny. Then show them these pictures and take away their magazines until you are sure they understand that the spirit of this age is geared toward death and weakness. Help them strive for their God-given life and strength.

As I was about to publish this, I saw this article about what men like in a woman. We can’t base our health and wellness on what they like, but according to this article, they don’t like skinny as much as we might think.

The pic on the right is the same model at a healthy weight. She is now considered a plus-sized model!

Yes, even Cindy wouldn't have been skinny enough for today

7 thoughts on “Weak and Skinny

  1. Isn’t it strange how almost every “empowerment” to women is actually detrimental? Feminist movement, legalized abortion, sexual “freedom”, birth control, the ideal of having a career outside the home, etc…. Elizabeth Elliott said something to the effect of “success is found in being what God created you to be” in her book “Let Me Be A Woman.” God created the female form with soft lines, curves, and a higher percentage of body fat than men. I agree with you that this is yet another ploy by Satan to weaken women.

  2. I recently wrote a paper on the effects that feminism has had on fashion, and if you don’t mind too much, I’d like to respectfully point out a few things. The feminism we know today has its origins in the mid 1800s, but it didn’t get its first real break until 1919 when women were granted the right to vote. However, fashion’s obsession with thinness has been around since the end of the Renaissance in the 16th century. Just think “corsets” and you’ll understand what I mean 🙂 I agree with your underlining message about being “fit” not “thin” and appreciating the body God gave us, but I also think that thinness and weakness do not necessarily go hand in hand. I am a size 4, one size smaller then that first model on the left, but I am not unhealthy, weak or obsessed with my weight, and this is the case with a lot of girls I know. Some girls ARE obsessed with their weight, however, and for them, it is important to hear that they are beautiful no matter what the scale says. Thank you for your article and your time 🙂 God bless!

    • You are so right. It is no more acceptable to call someone skinny than it is to call someone fat. Whatever our size, we need to consider how much of our energy is used up on looking good for others rather than being healthy for ourselves. Thank God the corsets are over and here’s to avoiding Spanx (the modern version) if at all possible.

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  4. You must be kidding. Lets tell our daughters and wives that being “Fat” is not only ok but is preferred. Is this a joke being fronted by our fadt food industry? Being 5’7″ and 90lbs is bad. Being 5’7″ and 125 -145 is healthy. But being 5’7″ and 175 to ~ is bad and unhealthy.and the fools pushing being obese is good for you must also sell cigarettes to our children cause they help you relax. Lol

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