Friday Fun – Halloween Costumes

In my effort to blog more often, I want to share fun stuff on Fridays. No heavy news articles or disturbing third-world trends on Fridays. Today I will share some fun Halloween costumes I found on Pinterest. Pinterest is the best place to go for costume ideas, or ideas of any kind really.

I Love Lucy – You would have to have a pretty cool circle of friends for them to appreciate this one, but the execution on this is perfect.

Mermaid – This one looks easy to do and still easy to walk in and doesn’t involve your little girl wearing a seashell bra.

Gypsy – very easy to achieve with things you already have on hand.

Lego characters – one for the boys.

Wheelchair costumes – Pinterest will show you everything for everyone. Here’s another idea and another.

If these ideas don’t work for your kids, just leave a comment, with your email address, requesting an invite to Pinterest. I will send you one and you can look around at all their ideas. Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Halloween Costumes

  1. I was definitely a gypsy for Halloween one year as a kid! Pretty much it was either easy/homemade or we dressed up as whatever we were already doing that year (i.e. “soccer player,” or “ballerina”).

      • I remember one year when my daughter was young, I forgot to make her a costume for her school Halloween Parade until the morning of. I quickly cut out two big circles from a large cardboard box I had, filled in the circles with a black magic marker, dressed my daughter in a white sweatshirt and white tights and then hung the two black circles over her shoulders with some twine. Embarrassed, she went to school as an Oreo Cookie!

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