Friday Links – Calling it Quits

When the idea for sharing links on Fridays first came to me, I thought it would take off. I reasoned that no one wanted to hear from just me every week. I should share something from the world at large and help moms streamline their time online. After several weeks of persisting in this idea, I have faced the facts and given it up. The numbers on Fridays were low, really low. All signs point to letting go of what I thought was a great idea and pressing forward on writing my own articles.

The good news is, the stats for my own articles are much higher than when I share links to other pages. I am happily surprised and encouraged by this. The most common advice given to bloggers is to write often, write a lot and write consistently. This is what I’m going to try to do now. Thanks for your support while I share my blog on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. My goal is to create a community of moms who comment and discuss ideas on Raising His Child. I hope you can continue to join us there. I will be creating a Facebook page for Raising His Child soon. Please consider “liking” my page when it becomes available.

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