While you were being a good mom 9/30/2011

next stop....peak fall color

Typing the date for the last day of September is startling. People often say that this month or that month flew by but mine really did. I have been laid up with a flu-like illness for the past week. I’m looking forward to being a productive human again. Keeping my Friday link schedule is a good first step. Here’s what I found while you were working circles around me.

If you like over-thinking it –  These people literally have too much time on their hands, or with their hands….The science of rock, paper, scissors.

If you know/love an introvert – The chart really helped me to better understand my resident introvert. It is a rare peek behind the scenes.

A real story about marrying young – I wasn’t sure where this article was going, but I really enjoyed the story of young love told in a real way by a real person.

The changing standards of beauty –   Here is a well-done video, morphing the different faces that the art world has idealized through the years.

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