While you were being a good mom 9/23/2011

bring it!

Here where I live,  it has rained all week. I am old enough to know we needed it but still young enough to whine about it. I have a headache and a straight-up case of the blahs. In one week, the powers-that-be have rearranged Facebook, Pinterest, and Pandora. Is it a coincidence that R.E.M. disbanded this week, because it is the end of the world as we knew it? The good news is, the sun is coming out today. Maybe we can end the day with shiny happy people holding hands. Here are the links I found while you were trying to figure out your new Facebook.

There's a whole movie about how he doesn't care what we think.

Help with the new Facebook – This article walks us through the changes and has a lot of other links to look through. By the time we come to terms with these changes, they will change it again.

High School writers – Writers at this age can be the best because they are so great at winging it. Chances are they just don’t care and this makes them free to tell it like it is. These are some great analogies collected by high school English teachers.

Pinterest – I have been annoying everyone with my love for Pinterest.com. It is a bulletin board for collecting all your favorites from the internet. One place for every recipe, craft idea, blogs you read, anything! Here’s a peek at mine.

Wrong Worship – This youtube video cracked me up. I have real issues with the singing portion of my worship time at church. I find it hard to shut out all the distractions and the critiques of how it is being done. If I try to be aware of the words I am singing, sometimes I am honestly not feeling it. This worship team is being brutally honest…and funny. Hold out to the end for my favorite line.

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