Having it All: a repost

the baby's face says it all

I have been informed by my husband that I have no time to blog right now. I would put up a fuss if he wasn’t right. People here have not stopped needing to eat, bathe, or wear clothes. Some of them want these clothes to be washed first. They feel the same way about their dishes. Because of my new addiction to Pinterest, these chores are backing up. This site shows me a thousand things I want to try, and one hundred recipes I would love to make. It feels overwhelming to see all the things that others accomplish while I’m just clicking through pictures of what they have accomplished.

When I start to feel that I need to do everything, right now and perfectly, it does me good to re-read the post I wrote about my mom. She had more to do and tougher circumstances. So for any of you who feel overwhelmed by your load of work and wonder if what you dream of doing will ever find a place in your life, read the link to an old post of mine that cheers me and gives me perspective. It is not a quit-your-whining-your life-is easy kind of speech. It is an overview of a life that helps me remember the big picture and take the long view. I hope it helps you too.

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