While you were being a good mom 8/12/2011

My week has flown by. How about yours? I got a new (to me) laptop this week and it is great to be portable and modern. I spent more time online this week, which is great for the Friday link-sharing party! Here is what I found while you were molding and scolding the leaders of tomorrow.

Mosquitoes –   Between the extreme heat and the mosquitoes, summer is just not fun anymore. According to this article, the answer lies in the bottom of your clothes hamper.

Lamentations of the Father –as in the father of a household, but it works for mothers as well. I read this before there was a world wide web to share it. It is timeless and hilarious and I find myself thinking of its contents often. It is long but you can add it to Favorites and savor it on the days when the kids are really getting to you.

the problem with romance in films

Romantic pornography – This is a contradiction in terms at first glance but the writer is trying to warn us against the emotional porn found in romantic comedies and novels. I thought I was immune until I read this. Ridiculous romance is not limited to Fabio and his bodice-wearing babes.

Now for some laughs –  Please don’t let me offend you by laughing at this video. If the people in it were trying to spread the Gospel, I would never laugh at them, no matter how awkward they are. I have researched it and found that they are from a California cult that encourages New Age and positive thinking with a dangerous mix of church-speak. When I first saw it I thought, no wonder people are scared of Christians if they think this is what we are like at church! Sorry to all my Facebook friends who saw this long ago. For me, it never gets old.

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