are you an in-church massager? (via abigail’s leftovers)

let's just go all out and do it right

I had to reblog this post from abigail’s leftovers. This has been a recent topic in our household. My teenagers especially, are distracted by couples who are engaged in any level of PDA. Public displays of affection are off-limits to them in church so they are annoyed at this double standard. For me, it’s the women “loving” on their children that drives me to distraction. If the child was leaning into it like a love-starved cat, that would be one thing, but I can usually sense the tension of a poor child who just wants to draw on his or her bulletin in peace.

Then there’s the absent-minded fiddler who doesn’t realize that she is making a loud scratching sound on the material of the person next to her. It takes many parental glares to make her aware. I am grateful that she is so engrossed in the sermon.

So enjoy the repost and the subsequent re-repost of an article that she reposted. I am going to spare you any attempt to wax spiritual about how we should love the massagers and the non- massagers alike. I’ve got nothin’. One disclaimer: I do not support nor do I condone the vinegar violence discussed by PAMIC.

Yes. You read that right. In lieu of more serious posting, I thought I’d take a breather with some introspection about in-church massaging.  You know, the person sitting three rows in front of you whose hand never stops caressing the back of their significant other.   Suddenly, your eyes are riveted to the patterns being made on the back.  You forget what the sermon is about and your finger slips from the place your pastor told you to mark in Joh … Read More

via abigail’s leftovers

1 thought on “are you an in-church massager? (via abigail’s leftovers)

  1. Hey Romelle, I too get distracted by in-church massaging, but in a different way. I want to tap the massagee on the shoulder and say “may I cut insay “May I cut in” and then take my turn under the dancing hand of the willing massager.

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