Your Growing,Thriving Women’s Ministry

I have always been intrigued by the idea of women’s ministry. What a privilege it would be to hear from God and speak into the lives of women everywhere. I would love to speak that one sentence or write that one paragraph that helps the lightbulb glow for a woman I have never met. To do what Beth Moore or Larry Crabb or Henry Cloud have done for me would be the greatest work in my imagination.
I am often reminded, by helpful articles, books or friends, that my family is my great ministry now and I absolutely agree. Even though I believe it, it has always felt like some sort of consolation job til the dream job comes along. Right now I’m paying my dues in the grunt work of life. Until I typed it, I didn’t realize how awful that sounds, how awful it is to think that way.
So to remind myself, and you too if you feel like you are just biding your time, here are some of the many ways I was honored to serve God in my life for the past few weeks.

Beth Moore getting into it, as always

My family worked together to help a man who fell in the road beside our house. We are one of the few families that are at home during the day. This made it possible for us to help this older gentleman by calling an ambulance and staying with him. The sad thing is, we found he lived only three doors down and we had never met him or his wife. We know them now.

I talked to a mom about homeschooling. She was ready to give up. I have seen this time and time again; moms new to homeschooling who feel so inadequate to do the job God designed them for. She really wants to home school . All she needed is to believe she could. Any of you homeschooling moms out there have this pep talk to give. Don’t hesitate to give it.

I talked to my daughter about anger and forgiveness. God has been showing me so much on this subject through my small group. I’m so thankful I had the words to give when she needed to hear them. 

 I have been able to spend time with my very busy 17-year-old who is about to graduate. She hurt her knee while hiking so we have been to doctor’s appointments  and I have helped her at her job. I got to see how hard she works.

By now you get the idea. To be clear, I am not bragging on how busy and important my life is. Quite the opposite. My life is laid-back and very quiet. Still all these encounters come my way. Add to the above: advising my husband on heart matters, teaching Kindergarten Sunday School, being called on to help a little girl who was showing signs of a problem, teaching my ten-year-old about the formal apology, talking a really mad friend down off an angry ledge, talking through a big misunderstanding with another friend, consulting a newly pregnant young woman on the importance of protein during morning sickness, discussing career plans with my 17-year-old, and talking with my 6-year-old about lying, again.

Women do these things and more every day. We all have a growing, thriving women’s ministry. As women we routinely do things that have eternal impact on the lives of others. God has been calling my attention to each interaction for the past few weeks because He knows I was discouraged. Now I want you to think of your list of tasks you have been blessed to do for the Almighty God and be encouraged as well. Be an encouragement to others and share your lists in the comments section below.

are you an in-church massager? (via abigail’s leftovers)

let's just go all out and do it right

I had to reblog this post from abigail’s leftovers. This has been a recent topic in our household. My teenagers especially, are distracted by couples who are engaged in any level of PDA. Public displays of affection are off-limits to them in church so they are annoyed at this double standard. For me, it’s the women “loving” on their children that drives me to distraction. If the child was leaning into it like a love-starved cat, that would be one thing, but I can usually sense the tension of a poor child who just wants to draw on his or her bulletin in peace.

Then there’s the absent-minded fiddler who doesn’t realize that she is making a loud scratching sound on the material of the person next to her. It takes many parental glares to make her aware. I am grateful that she is so engrossed in the sermon.

So enjoy the repost and the subsequent re-repost of an article that she reposted. I am going to spare you any attempt to wax spiritual about how we should love the massagers and the non- massagers alike. I’ve got nothin’. One disclaimer: I do not support nor do I condone the vinegar violence discussed by PAMIC.

Yes. You read that right. In lieu of more serious posting, I thought I’d take a breather with some introspection about in-church massaging.  You know, the person sitting three rows in front of you whose hand never stops caressing the back of their significant other.   Suddenly, your eyes are riveted to the patterns being made on the back.  You forget what the sermon is about and your finger slips from the place your pastor told you to mark in Joh … Read More

via abigail’s leftovers

Your Place in the Family

God has some firstborn children who seem to have so many privileges, but are really burdened with responsibility. He appreciates all the help, but would love to tell them to be still and know that He is God.

God has some middle children who feel left out and pushed aside. He would love for them to know that like the sparrows, He is keeping a special watch over them to see that they don’t fall away.
God has some baby children that seem to always get their way but feel like their day will never come. He would love to remind them that patience is possible and to whom much is given, much is expected.

And for all the rest that fall somewhere around the others, we are all a family parented by God. Believers together, knowing that no matter our role in the family, love binds us and holds us to each other.

Happy Mother’s Day !