Like I was Saying….

I have just passed the 21 year mark of parenting.  It took most of those years for me to start appreciating the irony of some of the things I say to my kids – things God is always having to say to me, over and over again.

Follow, don’t lead.
I know you have said this in some form too. You are at the zoo or the store and these little people who have no idea what they are doing take off for destinations unknown. They only think they know where they want to go, only to get way off the path and called back again. Hello?

Stop asking questions and just trust me.
Why? When? How? With who? But how do you know?…Ugh! I have been in the car with people in booster seats asking me if I know how to get where we are going! Then they want to know how I know. Just once, okay maybe more than once, I would like for them to take a look at my fairly good track record and give me a little credit.

You will know we are there when we get there.
So obvious to us as adults, right? Wrong. Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride till it comes to a complete stop.

Where are you? Don’t hide from me when you are in trouble.
We look and call and start to get worried. If it goes on too long, we only want to know if they are all right. It may be discipline time but only for their own good.

Don’t tattle but do tell me if someone is in danger of being hurt.
A great rule of thumb for them and for us. It’s all about attitude and motives.

Don’t worry about everyone else, you worry about you!
So many planks and specks, so little time sorting out which is which.

Look again, it is right in front of you.
It amazes me how blind children can be! I have started asking mine to pretend what I’ve asked them to find is something they really, really want to find. This has made a big difference.

Remember to say,”Please” and “Thank you”.
Sometimes my kids don’t get something simply because they didn’t think to ask. And, don’t we all just beam with happiness when they think to say thanks?

Because I said so.
I used to promise I would never say this when I had kids. Now I understand it is necessary for when my ways are too hard for them to understand.

Our God is slow to anger, and sometimes downright funny. I can imagine Him smirking and shaking His head at me as I preach and preach but fail to practice. I am so thankful He persists in His love and patience while raising this child.

Matthew 18:3
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.